The O’Briens

The Violinist & the Lunatik!

What people are saying:

    “Your music and comedy. . . is a splendid reminder of that golden era of entertainment, when the stage was alive with performers who had to know how to sing, dance and jest. Thank you for taking our Las Palmas patrons back to such a wonderful time.”

—John Ruiz, Recreation Coordinator, Las Palmas Senior Citizen Club

    “The Violinist & the Lunatik are a remarkably effective cure for depression!”

—Patricia Herrold, Activity Director, Las Palmas Senior Citizen Club

    “The best show we’ve ever had!”

—Diane B., Courtyard Plaza Retirement, Encino, CA

    “Goofy brilliance! Eddie Ed is a comic genius who belongs on network TV with his own show. I was blown away by Marcie’s talent on the violin.” 
—G. Larry Butler, actor/director

    “A fun show for everyone! Marcie’s classic violin solos are balanced with Eddie’s goofy caricature-style commercials. ”

Siggi Jung, singer/songwriter

The husband & wife variety show! 
What’s a classically trained violinist gal doing with a wild and silly guy? They’re doing a comedy, music and dance act with costumes and a love story. It’s a fun show for your meetings, senior events, parties, weddings
and more!  Call 310.559.5328.

Eddie Ed & Marcie were the headliners on June 25 at Boulevard Music in Culver City. They‘ve also played for
Betty Hill Senior Club, Sunrise Senior Living,
Las Palmas Senior Club, Mar Vista Senior Club,
El Sereno Senior Club, Studio Royale

E-mail Eddie Ed at